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Radiohead is an alternative band from the UK that really started back in 1985. Their first single was 1992’s Creep from the album Pablo Honey that was released in 1993. Even with two albums under its belt, Radiohead would have to wait until 1997 and the release of OK Computer for the world to really take notice.

I can remember hearing Creep for the very first time. I can’t quite recall where I was at the time but I do remember what it felt like. There is a distorted guitar part that comes in with this amazingly thick and chunky chord stab, when I heard that, I swear that the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

With such and amazing sound that Radiohead has, I feel that its unfair to label them as just alternative rock. Radiohead has crossed in to many styles from album to album incorporating electronica and true experimental sounds.

One characteristic that I love about Radiohead is their lack of stage costuming. Now don’t get me wrong, they do put on an amazing show with enough lights to make even raver kids happy but the band is always in plain clothes. I for one, think that awesome to see. It really lets you know that they don’t need lots of gimmick because the music really supports itself.

Another characteristic that I love about Radiohead is their textured sound. I am absolutely amazed at the sonic tapestry these guys weave. If you’re listening to one of their albums or seeing them live for the tenth time or more you can always hear something new or find something you missed for that matter.

The Deftones

The Deftones is an alternative metal band formed back in 1988 in the heart the Sacramento, California music scene. Their first release was in 1995 with the album Adrenaline. While initially considered unsuccessful their next two albums Around the Fur and White Pony and then even Adrenaline would achieve platinum status.

Admittedly, I did not get into the Deftones until after the release of their second album Around the Fur. The first song I heard from them that really captured my attention was the single My Own Summer. I remember hearing Stephen Carpenters guitar sound and daydreaming that someday I could sound like that.

I can honestly say that the Deftones have been one of my biggest musical influences over the years. To my ear, they have one of the most unique sounds on the market with a near perfect blend of melody and pure metal with pop sensibility.

One characteristic about the Deftones that I really love is Chino Morenos voice. Chino blends metal screaming with lush melodies over the top of their songs. His voice almost seems to act as another guitar part in the over all sound as opposed to just being a singer. He has a very distinct style that is unmistakable.

Another Deftones characteristic that I love is similar to my feelings on Radiohead; they dress in plain clothes for their shows. While I do enjoy some theatrics as shows I still find it amazing when a band comes out in regular old street clothes and lets you know that their just normal people (people who rock but still just people).

In conclusion, I think that it’s easy to tell how much of an influence Radiohead has had on the Deftones by listening to their vocalists and sound textures. The Deftones employ a similar diverse blanket of sound but of course keep it more on the heaver end and singer Chino Moreno definitely has a similar singing style to vocalist Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

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